Hamptons’ Attached Home Benefits

At Hamptons, our housing community consists of both detached and attached homes. Our attached homes are homes with one well insulated and soundproofed common wall. This common wall has a 1 inch air space and is not directly shared, as shown in the below photo.

Attached Home Drawing

A few benefits of attached homes at Hamptons are:

  • Price per square foot savings. Enjoy the same size home as a detached home, but offered at a lower price so you receive more home for your dollar.
  • They consist of either an attached 2 or 3 car garage, unlike other attached homes.
  • The feel of a detached home.
  • Energy savings since it’s less expensive to heat & cool your home.
  • Your front door and garage are not near your neighbor’s front door and garage.
  • There’s only 1 well insulated & soundproofed common wall which is indirectly attached to avoid any disruption and sound from neighbors.
  • Less upkeep & low-maintenance living because we take care of your lawn care, yard, and snow removal.
  • The feeling of safety with a neighbor next door.
  • Enjoy a bigger home while not having to spend so much money on land, unlike other housing communities.
  • Your private & fenced-in backyard.
  • The appearance of a larger home, twice the size.
  • Peace of mind with no worry of neighbors choosing unpleasant exterior color selections. All exterior color selections are chosen by the builder to coordinate beautifully with the home next to your new home.
  • The location of Hamptons and the investment value. An attached home in the prime Millcreek area will appreciate in its investment value much more than a detached home in a run-down neighborhood.
  • The HOA ensures upkeep and uniformity of the dwellings.

8-25-17 (126)

We’re now sold out at Hamptons; however, we have some other fabulous Regal Homes communities nearby. Visit our website at http://www.regalut.com

Connect with us on our Hamptons’ Facebook page.

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