Selecting The Right Lighting

The lighting in your bedroom plays a big role in terms of functionality, style, and mood. Since everyone has different taste, it’s all about finding what works best for you and your lifestyle. Take a moment to think, “What mood am I trying to set?”, “What will make the space most functional?”, and “What style do I want?”.

1- Set the mood by adding wall sconces, stringing lights across a window or wall, installing recessed can lighting, or using an elegant chandelier as we’ve done in the below Newport model at Hamptons. When using recessed can lights, place them thoughtfully in different parts of your bedroom to draw attention where needed. Using dimming switches and placing can lights directly above your bed where you’ll lay at night is ideal when relaxing in bed with a good book.


2- Use lighting in functional spaces of your room by determining where you or your children spend most of your time. Do you have a nook where you enjoy relaxing and unwinding? Is your bed where most of your time is spent?  Are you doing yoga each day in your bedroom? Does your child have a desk used to study? Now, use the locations you spend most of your time in to add convenient lighting for your wants and needs. Remember to also place your switches conveniently, such as in a place near your bed to easily turn lights off without having to get out of bed, as we’ve done in this fun, coastal, Newport home seen below.

2015-04-09 13.42.41

3- Add your personal touch with either colorful bedside lamps, a crystal chandelier, fancy pendant lighting, a practical fan and light combo, and so on. Remember to have your bedside lamps at a symmetric & correct height since you want the light to shine on your reading material. If the bottom shade of the lamp is at your eye level when you’re sitting up and reading in bed, you’ve found the perfect height. If you’d like to add some drama to your bedroom, achieve this with your favorite chandelier.


When you build a Regal Home, you have the ability to work with our Design Coordinator who will smoothly guide and help you choose the perfect Kichler light fixtures for your new home. We’ve setup different lighting packages for you to choose from to help make the process even easier. You are, of course, still welcome to mix and match lighting if our different packages are missing something you’re dying to have in your new Regal Home. Browse some of our bedroom chandelier options, indoor sconce options, and ceiling fan options to find the lighting fixtures that best suite your style.

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