How To Select The Perfect Paint Colors

Choosing a paint color can seem overwhelming with the substantial choices that await you. With a few key tips kept in mind, you can tackle this challenge to set the mood in your home with the perfect paint color(s).

007BretonRegalHomesWebSmallThe walls in the office of our Breton model at Giverny, shown above, are painted SW 6235 Foggy Day.

Avoid Selecting Paint First

Select the paint color that goes well with your favorite area rug, couch, or art piece. For inspiration, try Sherwin William’s Colorsnap to play with different colors online.


Test Various Paint Colors

Prior to purchasing gallons of paint, be sure to buy a few small testers. Paint different walls to see how the paint looks during different times of the day in different lighting. You can also use the leftover paint for other projects or touch-ups.

test paint

Selecting The Right Finish

Satin has a slight gloss which works well in high traffic areas, such as halls, family rooms, and kid’s rooms.

Flat has a non-reflective appearance which makes walls look smooth. This finish is ideal for adult bedrooms, ceilings, and living rooms.

Semi-gloss is a durable finish which goes great in bathrooms, trim, & kitchens.

Gloss is great for areas you’d like to showcase, such as cabinets & doors.

Egg-shell has just a hint of shine & holds up well for cleaning. This is ideal for walls.

Matte is a flat finish which hides imperfections well, and it also makes walls smooth & washable.


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