Tips For Downsizing Your Home

There comes a point in many people’s lives when downsizing makes sense. Although this task can seem stressful, there are ways to alleviate the anxiety of this change by being prepared with a plan.

Cervino 28 (Lucern Plan)

Determine your lifestyle’s needs

Think about how much downsizing you’d like to do. How about 2 bedrooms instead of 5? Does a large yard make sense to maintain or will a new HOA community make more sense while they do the maintaining for you?

Become motivated

A great way to become motivated is to make an impact right away. If your furniture won’t fit in your new space, it’s time to give it up. Exercise equipment is a huge space hogger, so unless it’s used daily, consider cutting it out.

Let go of the “what ifs”

We all have those items we hang on to and never (or rarely) use. Now is the time to get rid of those items you haven’t used in a year or so. Whether it’s boxes of paperwork, clothing, or cookware.

Be clever with your new space

Be prepared to become space friendly in your new home. Use a TV that mounts to the wall vs one that sits on the ground taking up floor space. Hang racks in your garage to store as much stuff above ground as possible. Install a johnny wall cabinet above your toilet. Setup your items in your new home in an organized fashion.


Whether you’re looking for a peaceful location in Midway to call home or the desirable Cottonwood Heights area, we have the perfect home for you to downsize in. Visit our website by clicking here to browse the communities we’re currently building in, and of course “Experience Royal Treatment” by our dedicated team!



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