Pumpkin Book Home Decor

Now that Fall has arrived, let’s update your home decor to match the season with this fun pumpkin book decor piece, perfect for your home.


What you’ll need:

  1. A book
  2. Scissors
  3. An exacto knife
  4. A piece of paper
  5. A pencil
  6. A glue gun with glue stick

Ready? Here we go! First, remove the front & back cover of your book.

Next, draw a pumpkin shape on your paper. Fold the paper in half and even out the shape so it’s symmetrical. Place this stencil on your book with the fold on the binding edge. Trim the stencil if it doesn’t fit your book. Then, trace around the pattern with your pencil.


Grab about 5 pages at a time and cut along your pattern until you’ve gone through the entire book. Use your exacto knife, if your scissors won’t do the trick, to cut through the edge of the binding.

Now, put a thin strip of glue on the center of your book bind & close together to make the pumpkin shape. Fluff your book to obtain the look you want to achieve.


Jazz your pumpkin book decor with orange spray paint or an orange ink pad (going along the edge of your pumpkin). If you don’t want an orange pumpkin, simply leave it as is. Use wire as a stem or grab a branch from your yard to hot glue on the top.


Be creative and have fun! This piece is unique and perfect to last in your home throughout the entire Fall season.

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