Pantry Organization Ideas

Tired of the mess in your pantry? Then let’s spend the time to tidy up, organize, and leave you with a refreshing new feel after giving your pantry a makeover.

We’ll begin by emptying every shelf. This way, you’ll be able to see every item you have, even items you didn’t know you had, so you can free up space and rebuild your storage the right way. Throw out all expired food items, and this is even a great opportunity to donate anything you don’t need.

Take a few minutes to transfer snacks into clear canisters to inspire a uniformed and tidy look. Below are a few options to organize everything from your baking supplies to pasta and cereal which will make them stay fresh longer and store more compactly. Plus, they’ll look so much more orderly compared to your usual multicolored chaos.

1. Use clear canisters with tight fitting lids. Purchase stickers to neatly label each item.


2. Pour cereal, popcorn kernels, rice, and so on, into slim sized bins to maintain freshness and pack more items on the shelf.


3. Stick chalkboard labels which you can easily edit to Mason jars. Create “stadium seating” for the jars with scraps of wood or use an inexpensive 3-tier pantry organizer to easily view each item without having to tear apart your newly organized pantry.


4. Use clear stack-able containers on top of each other to save even more space.


Use the floor space in your pantry for items you don’t need or use as often. A roll-out shelf will help you stay organized by grouping items together and easily accessing them when they are needed.


Place lazy susans in the corner of your pantry which usually ends up being the black hole we lose our food items in. With these in place, every inch is usable and nothing will ever be lost or forgotten again.


Who said a shoe organizer is only for shoes? These are perfect to hang on your pantry door for snacks, spices, tea bags, gravy mixes, and so on, which will save you more space than you can imagine. Not only is it practical, but it’s also easy to clean.


Various sized wicker baskets, which come in different colors, conceal everything from your beverages to boxes and bags.


We hope these tips will help motivate you to take advantage of the space you do have in your pantry and stay organized.

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