How To Create A Chalkboard Wall

Create a fun chalkboard wall to easily jot down notes, give the kids a fun place to be creative artists, write to-do lists, write thoughts of the day, or keep score during your ping pong game as we’ve done in our prior Bern model at Cervino in Midway, Utah, shown in the below photo.

There are a few questions to ask yourself before you convert your wall into a chalkboard art wall. What will the wall look like with the photos taken down and being converted into a writing pad? Is the location convenient to transcribe your to-do lists or to keep score during ping pong, darts, or any other game you have nearby? Will your kid’s presence hinder traffic flow if they’re drawing on the wall? Is a black chalkboard going to fit the color scheme in the room or would green work better?

Now, what you’ll need:

– Chalkboard paint
– Chalk
– Damp rags

How to convert your wall into a chalkboard wall:

– Apply 3 coats of chalkboard paint on the wall you prefer. We created a frame surround the chalkboard paint which adds a unique touch.

– Let the paint sit for a couple of days.

– Rub chalk all over the chalkboard.

– Use a damp cloth to wipe down the excess chalk.

(- Draw banners / frames on the chalkboard wall for your kids to write in or leave a blank canvas for creativity.)

Chalk markers give vibrant colors & a smoother look, but regular chalk works just as well. Purchase colored chalk & store with an eraser in a nearby area for easy access. Have fun!

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