Sherwin William’s Color Snap Tools

Regal Homes is pleased to work with Sherwin Williams. ColorSnap from Sherwin Williams is a fantastic tool to help you visualize different paint colors in a family room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, & even on the exterior of a home all on the web by clicking here. To view different scenes, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and so on, click the “More Scenes” button towards the bottom right.


Click the “Add a Color” button towards the bottom of the screen to select one of the 1,500+ paint colors Sherwin Williams offers.


You can even view the paint color in daylight and see what it looks like at night by selecting the sun or moon button towards the bottom right.


Download the ColorSnap Visualizer for Android & iPhone and the ColorSnap Visualizer for iPad to play with these tools on whatever device you prefer. Don’t be scared to try colors you normally wouldn’t use since you’re not wasting any paint or money! You may find the right paint color for you is one you never imaged.

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