Exterior Home Maintenance Tips for Fall

It’s time to prepare your home for the season’s change since Fall is here. A bit of attention to your home’s needs now will help both save money & avoid costly repairs that may occur later. Here are some tips to prepare the exterior of your home for Fall.

Plant bulbs. Now is the time to plant bulbs so you have beautiful Spring flowers popping up out of the ground once the weather starts warming up next year. This needs to happen prior to the ground freezing. Some popular options are tulips and daffodils.


Put away outdoor furniture. It’s time to wash, dry, and put away your outdoor patio furniture where it’s dry for protection throughout the winter months.

_JAH0221 Resize

Inspect your roof & siding. Inspect your roof from the ground w/binoculars or climb up to check for any missing or damaged shingles that will cause for water to enter your home. Inspect your siding for any holes or cracks. If needed, coordinate repairs.

Cervino 53 (Custom Plan)

Check water drainage. Your downspouts need to be pointing away from your home’s walkways, foundation, and driveways. Purchase & add extensions to your downspouts, if needed. Catching an error now will help avoid a costly flood in the future.

Proper maintenance to your home will not only assure avoidance on expensive repairs & future crisis situations, but it will also enhance your home’s value & appeal.

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