Interior Paint Colors For Each Mood

Paint effects the mood in each room which is felt when you first step in a space. Use paint to effectively emanate the mood you’d like yourself & others to feel throughout your home. What you’ll need to ask yourself prior to selecting your interior paint colors are “what mood am I trying to set?” and “how do I want myself & others to feel when in this room?”. Then, you can start incorporating each desired color in your home.


Here are the meanings to each color:

  Yellow: Happiness, high energy, & welcoming

  Pink: Feminine, positive, & lively

  Green: Tranquil & restful

  Red: Passionate, comforting, heightens emotions, & stimulates appetite

  Orange: Warm & stimulates creativity

  Blue: Meditative, calming, & clear thinking

  Purple: Spiritual & stimulating


Due to there being various shades in each color, you can find which shade will fit your space best by testing them out in small sections on a wall next to each other. You can even create your own paint color by going to a paint store nearby & asking them to color match a color sample you have or as ask them to lighten or darken a certain shade.

Forget being matchy-matchy. Mix different shades of one color in a room so your pillows, rugs, & art, for example, are different shades of the wall color you’re using in that room.

Set aside all the fear of adding some bold colors & have fun setting the mood inside your home!


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