How To Make A Small Room Feel Larger

You know that one room that just feels a bit less spacious than the other? Well, it can be a challenge to open up this space & make it feel more airy – whether it’s a bedroom, office, or living area. However, from some paint to décor tips, we have a few solutions to help you make that small room feel larger and trick the eye.

Leave your windows uncovered to provide more light which also gives the space some depth. If privacy is needed, try either shutters or try drapes matching the same color as your walls.

Use light paint colors for your walls & ceiling. Take a look at Sherwin William’s Color Snap Tool to help you visualize paint prior to actually painting by clicking here.


Mirrors are another great way to make your space feel more spacious. When they reflect light off a window, they provide the illusion of a larger area. Either use mirrors that are placed on the floor or mounted on the wall.

Avoid resting furniture up against walls. Even if it’s just a few inches away from the wall, floating furniture will avoid the feeling of being cramped. Try floating your couch on an angle to make the space feel bigger.

Use furnishings with exposed legs. Get rid of any sofas or chairs with a skirt & instead purchase some new furniture that will show more of your flooring and space w/legs that are revealed.


De-clutter & purchase furnishings with hidden storage, such as this gray coffee table w/a lift top or this storage trunk. You can store toys (either your children’s or pet’s), blankets, DVD’s, coasters, and so on, to be pulled out on an as-needed basis.

Consider tall bookcases to draw the eye upward, making the space feel larger & taller. Bookcases are also a great option for additional storage & will add appeal. When decorating your bookcase, avoid cramming it full with decor. Instead, leave some empty space for an airy look.


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