Inviting Feng Shui Into Your Home

Do you want to reduce stress, invite joy, & improve your well-being? You can do all by implementing feng shui in your home. Here’s how.

Place your bed in the “commanding position” which means facing the entry door. The main door to each room is called the “mouth of chi” which is the portal where energy enters your home & life.


Make sure each door is able to open at least 90 degrees without any clutter in the way. If a door can’t open this much, it means the positive energy coming into your life is compressed & can leave you crammed, rather than spacious & expansive.

QPT Photo - DSC_2542

Lastly, get rid of the clutter in your closet. Most of us have those “I’ll fit into those jeans again” that we’ve been hanging onto for years, but letting the clothing go that we no longer need or use gives our brain a cue to also get rid of other unnecessary things, such as weight, toxic relationships, and so on. Inviting a little space in your closet will also invite some magic into your life.


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