Selecting Options For Your Regal Home

Without a question, your home should fit you and your preferences to a T — from the number and location of rooms to the height of the walls and everything in between. After all, your home is your place in the world, so the look and feel of it should be entirely up to you. That’s why when you trust us as your builder, you don’t just choose a modern, open floor plan; you get options.

Features like an open-concept living area with a gorgeous kitchen, a spectacular master bedroom and bathroom, serene outdoor living spaces, all-new systems and appliances, and high-end features and finishes throughout come standard. But we know that there’s so much more to your style than “standard.” 

New Home Options

When you click on a floor plan on our website, our Rendering House app allows you to view all of the information and photos about that specific plan, as well as select unique options on each floor. For example, if you view the Monte Rosa plan (available at Appenzell), you’ll see options like a 10’ main floor with 8’ doors, a 3-car garage, an upgraded elevation on the first floor, and a bath with a bunk room/bedroom #4 and a storage room in an optional finished basement. Not only do you have ability to choose our website’s populated plan options, but if you’d like to add windows, remove a door, convert a bedroom and full bath into an office and powder bath, etc, you say the words and we’ll make it happen so your new Regal Home is tailored perfectly to fit your lifestyle!

We also have a beautiful design center where you can come in and personalize the design options to make your home feel truly you! From color selections, cabinetry, laminate or hardwood flooring, quartz or granite countertops down to the little details of door knobs and hardware we have it all. Our design center specialist will be with you every step of the way helping you best fit your selections and home to your personality and style. 

Your Wants and Needs

Your wants and needs may have changed over the past couple of months, and we totally get it. If you’ve been craving fresh air, you might want a large outdoor space where you can not only relax, but also entertain friends and family while enjoying the scenery. If you’ve been feeling cramped, you might want an abundance of storage options that allow you to keep everything tidy and organized (and out of the way).

With a variety of unique new home options that cater to different needs, you can personalize your space to fit your lifestyle, which means you always have peace of mind at home — no matter what the world looks like outside. When it comes to choosing your options (yes, it’s as fun as it sounds!), here are a few of our favorite tips and tricks for the best results:

  • Carefully analyze and write down what’s most important to you (storage space, higher ceilings, etc.)
  • Consider how each option in your desired floor plan would add value to your home (and your life)
  • Have a clear-cut budget in mind before you begin to choose and stick to it 
  • Remember that some things you may simply want, while others you may need

Find Your Perfect Plan

The best part about our Rendering House app is that you can “mix and match” options online to get a feel for what might work out best for you. And of course, if you want to check out different floor plans, you’re free to personalize however many you want. If you’re satisfied with the options you’ve chosen for a specific plan, you can save it as a “favorite” to come back to later, have a brochure emailed to you, share your design on Facebook or Pinterest, or download a PDF.

And of course, whether you come to us with a plan or not, we’ll help you choose the options that are perfect for you and your needs. If you’re ready to experience more of everything you want, in a neighborhood that’s surrounded by everything you love, all of us at Regal Homes can’t wait to meet you. For more information about the unique options we offer in our homes, please contact us at 385-297-8216.

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