Why Now is the Best Time to Buy

Your home is so much more than a collection of rooms — it’s your place in the world. It’s where you feel comfortable and secure, no matter what’s going on outside. That’s why our contemporary Regal homes are built to reflect what you’re looking for today, so you can enjoy peace of mind far into your future.

From energy-efficient features to open-concept space and outdoor Regal rooms, one of our brand new, untouched Regal homes is the perfect place to make a fresh start! Plus, with current interest rates at a low and desirable home pricing, you have even more of a reason to buy a new home right now. Lock in today’s pricing before it potentially rises due to increases in lumber and material costs.

New Home Features

We know that home design isn’t “one size fits all.” That’s why we provide a variety of layouts that are distinctly created to suit different preferences. Features like a retreat-like master suite, pristine kitchen with a large island, and an open-concept living area come standard, while add-on options like a basement and an office, and design center selections, from cabinetry and flooring to door knobs and hardware, are entirely up to you.

And no matter which home catches your eye, you can be sure that it’s built with today’s first-rate, energy-efficient features that keep you comfortable year-round, along with all-new systems and appliances, and high-end finishes from top to bottom. Now more than ever, you understand the need for comfort and flexibility — which is why our new homes are designed to enhance every moment of your daily routine.

There’s No Time Like Now

If you’re eager to cook with brand new appliances or turn an optional basement into your home office, gym/yoga studio, or hobby room, a new Regal home will be your personal sanctuary. Whether you’re entertaining friends and family or enjoying time to yourself, you can always count on your home to provide the space and comfort you want and deserve. 

And of course, you have a world of adventures and experiences waiting for you just beyond your door, with the world-class outdoor recreation that Utah is known for. So if you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of a Regal home, don’t wait! There are only 4 homes left in Renoir, 1 home site left in Picasso, 13 homesites including the model for leaseback in Monet, and homesites to build on in Pissaro at Giverny.

When you click on a floor plan on our website, our Rendering House app allows you to view all of the information and photos about that specific plan, as well as select unique options on each floor. This will help you get a clear sense of what your home could look and feel like! For more information about our homes and communities throughout Utah, please contact us at 385-265-2367.

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