8 Reasons To Move To Utah

Utah is a hot spot for people of all ages – from young professionals, to families and retirees. Why is moving to Utah so popular?

  1. A diverse economy. One of the benefits of living in Utah is the diverse economy. There are job opportunities in a range of sectors, and the unemployment rate is very low. Utah is a great jumping off point for all walks of life, including college graduates or anyone looking to start a small business. 
  1. Winter fun. Obviously, there are plenty of winter sports to keep you occupied, since Utah has some of the best winter snow on earth! With an average of 48 inches of snowfall per year, snow lovers are never bored. But if winter isn’t your thing, never fear. Utah has four distinct seasons and the climate is varied throughout the year, so no matter your favorite weather, you’re sure to experience it in Utah. 
  1. National parks. Utah’s national parks, Arches, Bryce Canyon, CanyonLands, Capitol Reef and Zion, are breathtaking. Feel free to explore the wondrous bridges, mountains, and ravines in your home state. There are so many beautiful sights to enjoy from hanging gardens to waterfalls to sandstone towers. 
  1. Food and culture. What’s the most popular food in Utah? Take your pick! Funeral potatoes, the original fry sauce from the Arctic Circle, or Bear’s Lake raspberries – just to name a few. Utah also boasts plenty of breweries for beer lovers. 

  1. Quality of life. With its low crime rate, low cost of living and historical equality, it’s no wonder why many young professionals and families are choosing to migrate to Utah.
  1. Low Mortgage Rates. The housing market is strong with mortgage rates being at an all-time low. Enjoy a more affordable housing market with great home prices, especially compared to other states, coinciding with a more affordable cost of living.
  1. Transportation of all kinds. The Salt Lake City International Airport is one of the biggest Delta Airlines hubs in the country. Utah also has award-winning local public transport such as Trax, a convenient and affordable light rail system offering public transportation around Salt Lake City and surrounding neighborhoods.
  1. Family Friendly Living. Utah has no shortage of activities that the whole family will enjoy. From our thriving professional sports scene with the Utah Jazz, Real Salt Lake, and the Salt Lake Bees, to the strong sense of community thanks to our friendly residents. There is something here for everyone.

If you’re considering a move to Utah, come see us at Regal Homes. We have the perfect home for you in this beautiful Beehive state! For more information about our new homes and communities throughout Utah, please contact us at 385-297-8216.

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