Design Tips for a Stylish, Functional Home Office

In a brand new Regal Homes living space, you don’t just work from home… you work in style. Many of our floor plans feature a wide open office that’s just as comfortable as it is spacious, or third bedrooms that easily do double duty as a guest suite and workspace. A home office allows you to be your most productive self – and feel great while you’re at it. 

Ready to set up shop? Your home office will become your “home getaway” in a room designed just the way you like it. Check out a few of our favorite design tips to inspire your best work in your new home office.

Home Office Design Tips

The Basics: A Quality Desk and Chair: These are probably the most important items you can have in a great home office. If you can’t work comfortably, it really doesn’t matter where you are! Invest in a sturdy desk that’s the appropriate size and length for the work you do. Automatic height-adjustable desks are amazing at countering the stiff joints that can come with sitting for long periods of time. Invest in a chair that supports your back and that you can raise or lower to the best height for you. 

Desk Orientation: Before you place your desk in the room, decide what type of light and view is most important. Natural sunlight is an instant mood booster (and is also the best Zoom lighting), so take advantage of it by placing your desk facing the window. If you prefer more subdued light, having your desk in the middle of the room or facing a door or well-decorated wall will give you the ambiance you’re looking for.

Task Lighting: Lighting in an office is important, especially if you work early in the morning or late at night. Whether you prefer a soothing, subtle glow of a desk lamp, or a bright, energizing floor lamp, select lighting that will make you most productive. And don’t forget a ring light – it will make you look fantastic on all those video calls, no matter the time of day.

Soothing Colors: Just like scents, certain colors affect how you feel. Orange and yellow hues typically stimulate energy or excitement, whereas greens and blues might evoke calmness. If there’s a color that makes you feel your best, integrate it into your space through accessories and flowers, or even by painting an accent wall.

Stylish Storage: It’s easy to let papers and files pile up, but using functional storage solutions that you actually enjoy looking at will help you keep everything in order. Cube shelves look modern and will keep all your items perfectly compartmentalized. A wall-to-wall shelving or drawer system is perfect if you have large volumes of papers or materials. Floating shelves just above your desk are great for small plants, inspiring photos, and collectibles.

Personal Decor: It’s your home office, so you can bring in all the cozy and cool items “from home” that you like! Let your workspace be a total reflection of you with interesting art, a plethora of plants, mood music, cozy rugs, and everything in between. You’ll do your best work in a space you’re inspired by.

Minimize Technology: Of course, you’ll need your computer, printer, laptop, and other tech accessories, but they don’t have to take over your space. Keep wires out of the way (and organized) by bundling them and securing them to the underside of your desk or along the floorboard. Your office will look clean, minimalist, and ready to work!

At Regal Homes, we’re excited to say that you just got promoted to your dream office – you deserve it! For more information about our beautiful homes and communities along the Wasatch Front and Wasatch Back of Utah, give us a call at 385.297.8216 or schedule your private appointment today.

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