7 Trends in Kitchen Backsplash Design

While the kitchen backsplash serves quite the utilitarian function — to prevent your walls from getting spoiled or damaged from cooking — it provides a wonderful opportunity to add a layer of style and interest to your home. The footprint for most backsplashes is small — the wall area from the countertop to the bottom of the cabinets — so this is a great place to add a unique design element that reflects your personality. While you can never go wrong with a classic subway tile backsplash, there are countless ways to make this design element a new, exciting, and even whimsical statement piece in your new home. Here are a few of our favorite kitchen backsplash design trends for 2021:

1) Classic Subway Tile with a Twist

White subway tile is the class go-to when it comes to kitchen backsplash design. It shows spills clearly so you know when it’s time to clean, and it wipes off effortlessly. But modern designers have found ways to have fun with this timeless aesthetic. An oversized subway tile creates a bolder, more graphic look, but still with a nod to the familiar. Meanwhile, a slender tile creates a more complicated pattern and texture, especially when the material or finish is unique (like glass). We have also seen subway tiles laid into interesting diagonal and vertical patterns to create a more eye-catching space.    

2) Natural Stone Slab

This look is bold and requires other substantial elements in the kitchen to balance out such a heavy, but rich and distinctive, look.  It can be achieved in one of two ways: either extend your granite, quartz, or marble countertops right up the wall, or choose a stone that’s lighter with less obvious veining but complements the existing countertop. 

3) Square Tiles

Like subway tiles, glossy square tiles add a timeless look to any traditional or contemporary kitchen design, and they’re making a comeback. These tiles come in a wide array of colors, finishes, and sizes, so they’re an ideal choice to get creative if you’re working within a budget. 

4) Painted Tiles

There is a general trend in home design toward more organic and textured materials. Painted tile is a great way to bring that trend into the kitchen, instantly warming up the space and making it feel more cozy and homey. It’s also a great way to bring a global influence into your space, since many painted tiles give a nod to Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Middle Eastern, or Danish design, among others.

5) Mirrored Backsplash

Mirrored anything may be reminiscent of the 80s, but when done right and in the correct proportions, mirrors can create a glamorous, indulgent look in the kitchen. Mirrored backsplashes can be applied in a variety of ways, from a traditional mirror adhered to the wall, to tiny mirror mosaics that are big on style.

6) Bold Colors

A kitchen backsplash has a specific function, but it’s also an easy (and relatively inexpensive) way to incorporate a statement piece into your home. An unexpected use of a vibrant color or pattern can reflect your personality, add interest, and spark great conversation.

7) Brick Backsplash

If you haven’t thought of brick as a backsplash option in your new home, think again! This style combines a traditional look with a modern twist thanks to the white aesthetic. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to unique features for the heart of your home, the kitchen!

When you build a new home, it’s easy to work with your design team to create a beautiful, functional backsplash that reflects your style and complements your home. At Regal Homes, we’ve worked with our customers to design many unique backsplashes for their new homes along the Wasatch Front and Wasatch Back, and we’d love the opportunity to help you do the same. For unique design inspiration, have a look at our Design Gallery or make an appointment to visit a model home.  

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