Top reasons to live in Heber City UT

When you’re looking for that perfect place to plant your roots, there are so many factors to consider. At Regal Homes, we believe that a beautiful customized home isn’t enough when it comes to your future — you deserve a hometown that checks off all the boxes on your list too.

How do breathtaking mountain views and plentiful job opportunities sound? Say hello to vibrant Heber City, the one-of-a-kind town that is just minutes from our Windflower community! We can’t wait for you to experience the magic for yourself, so take a look at our top reasons you’ll love living here:

  1. Location. Heber City, Utah, is nestled in the lovely Heber Valley and is surrounded by breathtaking mountains. Long an agricultural district, the region is now a mix of farms, family homes and resorts. Heber City and neighboring Midway are popular choices for commuters, allowing them to experience the beauty and charm of small town life along with easy access to jobs in the surrounding cities. Not to mention that homes are much more affordable in Midway & Heber City compared to Park City. 
  1. Small Town Living. Heber City is so quaint and charming you almost can’t believe it’s real! With a unique “everyone knows everyone” vibe, Heber City (pop. 11,000ish) offers a more laid-back pace. (It’s a huge reason why people move here!) We definitely take the time to check out the crafts, food and fun at Heber Market on Main during the summer, or catch a performance of our local artists at ​​Timpanogos Valley Theatre
  1. Great schools. According to, Heber City offers access to top-notch schools. The town has a variety of public, private and charter schools that are part of the Wasatch County School District. When it comes to higher education, Broadview College in Orem offers a career-ready curriculum. The top rated college in the area is Brigham Young University Provo in Provo. The largest college in the area is Utah Valley University right here in Heber City. 
  1. Quality of Life. Heber Valley residents work hard, but enjoy our leisure time. We enjoy all four seasons, with the mountain elevation bringing clean air, beautiful fall color, plenty of snow in the winter, and warm summers that are perfect for hiking. We enjoy the Wasatch Back lifestyle – without the Park City price tag! Heber City and Midway are considered very safe places to live and raise a family, while enjoying the local festivals like Swiss Days, seasonal attractions, world-class resorts, winter sports, and hot springs.  
  1. Employment opportunities. When you’re planning your future, it’s important to be surrounded by a variety of high-quality employment options. Accommodations, recreation and food services are the most common industries in this area, with several large resorts and bed and breakfasts located nearby. Salt Lake City is less than one hour away for other job opportunities.

6. The perfect getaway. Heber City & Midway are popular second or vacation home destinations… especially for Salt Lake City residents! That’s right, the big city types get away from their busy urban lives here in the Heber Valley. It’s a totally different feeling with less than an hour’s travel.

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