7 Tips for Awesome Entryway Design

No one spends much time in your entryway, yet it is one of the biggest statement areas of your home, and deserves careful thought and design. The front entry sets the tone for a visit and lets guests know what to expect inside. Is your entryway bright and welcoming? Moody and mysterious? Straightforward and functional? Whatever your preference, here are seven ways to make it more memorable.

Entryway interior

1) Try an Antique Rug

Set a regal tone (pun intended!) for your entryway by using an antique rug for your welcome mat. Though a 2×3-ft rug may be the norm, consider a size or shape that you normally wouldn’t find in this area, like a runner or square rug. Also, natural fibers like wool tend to withstand wear better — a necessity for such a heavily trafficked area.

2) Go for Unexpected Art

If drama is your thing, consider a large-scale work of art to greet visitors as soon as they enter your home. The wow factor will set the tone for their entire visit, and make you feel like the monarch of your castle whenever you come home. Unexpected or unusual art can add a whimsical lightness to the atmosphere that makes guests feel immediately welcome and at-ease. 

3) Light It Up

Lighting is always an easy fix when you’re lacking inspiration for your entryway. Lighting makes a bold statement upon entry, and can be changed frequently as your design aesthetic or taste changes over the years. And if you have high ceilings, elaborate fixtures will draw the eye up to create another memorable moment.

4) Take a Seat

A lot happens in the entryway — shoes go off and on, bags need to be set down for just a second, you have to wait on teenage children to get ready… Whatever the case may be, a cleverly placed seat can be a lifesaver. Whether you have space for a simple stool or an elaborate bench with custom cushions, make sure there’s somewhere to sit for a moment while you’re in transition.

5) Be Bold with Color

While the exteriors of most homes feature pleasing, neutral palettes that blend well with other homes in the neighborhood, the front door is one place where you can let your unique personality shine through. Go for an unexpected or bright color to create a memorable entryway (and to help visitors more easily find your home.)

6) Reflect on This

A mirror can be added anywhere you want to create the illusion of more light and space — perfect for narrow or dark entries where natural light is lacking. Whether you choose a floor-length mirror, a traditional wall mirror, or a cluster of small ones for more impact, it will lighten up the space and add plenty of visual interest.

7) Go Green

Biophilic design is a concept that encourages bringing the outdoors in, to benefit from the mood and health-enhancing properties of natural elements like plants, water, and stones. Start right at the front entryway by creating a cascade of green plants — an easy and sure way to boost anyone’s mood every time they pass in or out of your door.

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