How to Create Curb Appeal in a New Home

Gone are the days of “cookie-cutter” homes in newly developed communities, where the sameness of each home leaves a less than desirable impression, and maybe even an unwillingness to live there. Today, when you drive through a new neighborhood, each home should have a distinct and pleasing look that makes the eye linger in appreciation, if just for a second. We call this “curb appeal,” and it’s very important to us at Regal Homes as we design homes and communities that look just as amazing on the outside as they feel to live inside. 

As a home buyer, you know excellent curb appeal when you see it; the house looks balanced, interesting, and well-kept. As a homeowner, you definitely want it. A nice-looking exterior and landscaping reflect positively on the owners, indicating that you take pride in your property. Plus, homes with excellent curb appeal sell for about 7% more than similar houses with drab exteriors, if you should decide to move. Overall, high curb appeal makes a community a beautiful place to live, and who doesn’t want that? 

There are a few secrets to creating excellent curb appeal, though. In this article, we’ll highlight three of the ways Regal Homes incorporates curb appeal into every single home we build.

Thoughtful Window Placement

They say the eyes are the “windows” to the soul. Well, windows are the “eyes” of the home. They command the most attention when someone gazes upon their potential home, and it is what physically lets in critical natural light to brighten the interior. The windows on the front of our homes are thoughtfully chosen and placed to complement the exterior style, design, and aesthetic. They make the home pleasing to the eye. At the back of the home, where the largest living area typically is, we add our largest windows to let in the most natural light. Window placement is a critical component in both curb appeal and function of a home.


Proportions are incredibly important to the exterior of a home, creating a “balanced” look. Each exterior element serves a purpose to complement the other architectural elements of the home. Features such as roof masses (gables vs hips), texture types and locations (siding, stucco, and stone), window placement and sizing, and corbel and beam detailing all play a part in creating an ideal exterior aesthetic. 

The Architectural Control Committee

Each Regal Homes community has its own style and personality. The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) for a community approves the color combinations, exterior aesthetic, and architectural design for every home that is built. The committee’s primary function is to ensure that the new home complements the neighborhood but still adds interest and variety, which greatly enhances curb appeal.

If you’re searching for a new home with built-in curb appeal, we’d love for you to come visit any of our communities along the Wasatch Front and Wasatch Back and see the difference that excellent curb appeal makes! If you’d like to see the interiors of our beautiful homes as well, please enjoy a virtual tour or contact us.

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