What Are Your Must-Haves When Building A New Regal Home?

The homebuilding industry never stops changing. Every year, there are new trends in home design, fixtures, and building materials. It can be overwhelming to figure out what you really want and need. So, how do you figure out your must-haves when building a new home?

Start by walking around your current home. What is it missing? Do you need an extra room, better layout, more storage, upgraded fixtures, or any combination (or all of the above)? Think about what it would take to make your home ideal. Next, browse websites and magazines for ideas. Go to open houses and visit model homes. Keep a list of the features that appeal to you so you have it when you’re sitting with your builder.

Here are 12 features that Regal Homes considers to be must-haves when building a new home. 

  1. Wood floors in the main living area. Whether you choose hardwood or laminate, wood flooring adds beauty to your home. When the sun beams in, the grain in the floors is stunning! Carpet is great in the bedroom, but when it comes to the main living area—including the kitchen—you won’t go wrong with wood floors.
  1. First-floor primary suite. The convenience of having this suite in close proximity to the main living spaces of the home can’t be overstated. (And if it connects to the laundry room… See #9!) It also adds to the home’s resale value and allows for aging in place.

  1. More storage in the kitchen. When planning your new kitchen, drawers in the bottom (base) cabinets are a smart choice. Drawers are so much easier to use than cabinets. Pull out a drawer to find what you need rather than dig around in a cabinet. And if possible, a walk-in pantry with plenty of shelving and a counter for small appliances and other kitchen clutter.  
  1. Built-in microwave. Get that appliance off your counter! Have it mounted into a space within your cabinet area or above the stove. You might even want to put your microwave under the counter on your kitchen island—anywhere but cluttering your counterspace.
  1. Dual wall ovens. Are you tired of bending over to check what’s in your oven? Do you have to juggle your oven use to accommodate different items that require different temps? Solve both problems with dual wall ovens. They’re closer to eye level, which eliminates the bending. And with two ovens, you can cook or bake at two different temperatures!
  1. Ample under-cabinet lighting. The countertops under the cabinets are often too dark to make it a useful workspace. Under-cabinet lighting brightens up the area and expands your kitchen’s usefulness.

  1. Flex spaces. Some floor plans have a room by the front entry and call it a formal dining room, office, bedroom, or study. Maybe you don’t want your flex space right by the front door. A home office, for example, would benefit from privacy and quiet to promote productivity. Look for a floor plan that offers flex space where you really want it.
  1. Closet organization. Shelves are a great start, but wouldn’t you like to move into your new home and have closets that give you more ways to organize? Shelves, and drawers, and hanging bars… sigh. It’s so much easier to stash your stuff when you have the right configuration.
  1. Laundry room near the bedrooms. Most laundry (bedding, clothes, and towels) is generated near the bedrooms. Doesn’t it make sense to situate the laundry room near the bedrooms? If the owner’s suite is on another level, consider who is most likely to handle the chore—and choose your plan accordingly.
  1. Storage, storage, and more storage. When buying a new home, storage is something that can easily get overlooked… until you move in and don’t have enough room for all the holiday decoration boxes, luggage, or whatever else you’re storing! Either way, you want a home that utilizes every bit of space in all those nooks and crannies that most builders don’t take advantage of.
  1. Did we say storage? Whether you call it the mudroom or the family entry, it’s the space you use every day to get from the garage into your home. Useful storage here gives you space to organize the things that come and go with you, like coats, shoes, backpacks, and leashes. We recommend a cubby or other storage system here. 
  1. Dog-washing station. If you have a four-legged member of the family, you’ll appreciate a dedicated pet washing station. By planning ahead, we can install the right-sized sink, tub, or shower with a hand-held faucet or shower head for getting to all the tough spots. Add storage for towels, pet shampoo, and other grooming tools and products.

The ability to get what they want is a major reason people choose a new home over resale. Plus, the new home buying and building process is easy and fun, when you choose the right builder. Regal Homes has a variety of communities and homes for sale in the Wasatch Front and the Wasatch Back. We’d like to show you our unique approach to new homes. Get in touch with us to get the must-haves when building a new home!

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