Rightsizing Tips For the Best Experience

As you look around at your current home, you may realize that your wants and needs have changed. And you’re certainly not alone. Right now, you may prefer to have fewer rooms with more storage space, over multiple rooms that are going unused. Or a wide open living area where you can better connect with family and friends, as opposed to a closed off kitchen, dining room, and great room.

Most of all, you might want a safe, secure home built with modern design that simplifies everyday living and provides comfort and convenience, no matter what life throws at you. As you enter the next exciting phase of your life, you might be ready to rightsize to a new home in Utah, near natural wonders like the Salt Lake Valley, Cottonwood Canyons, and Wasatch Back Mountains, so the only “surprises” in your life are happy ones.

When to Rightsize Your Home 

You have unused rooms. If you have multiple bedrooms in your home that aren’t being used, you might begin to wonder whether the extra “money in property taxes and eventual maintenance” is worth it. In a 2- or 3-bedroom home, however, each room not only serves a purpose, but allows you to keep and organize only the things that you use and make you happy.

You want to be closer to family. It goes without saying that interacting with family over a FaceTime is just not the same as a hug in person. If you have family around Utah, a home that’s closer to them means you won’t have to miss another birthday, school play, or even just the get-togethers that you love so much.

You’re ready for a lifestyle change. Even if you’re content with your current neighborhood, you might be looking ahead to unlimited access to your favorite outdoor recreation, along with a vibrant town and friendly neighbors. No matter which community of ours that you choose, you can be sure that your home will be surrounded by everything you love — ski resorts, hiking opportunities, a vibrant downtown, you name it. 

Rightsizing Your Belongings

There’s nothing better than finding a living space that suits your current wants and needs. But before you enjoy the freedom of a rightsized home, you have to tackle the belongings in your current home first. Take a look at a few of the best ways to maneuver this exciting process.

Keep what you love: Emotional ties to items are normal. But remember that you don’t have to get rid of everything. Hand down precious items to your children and grandchildren, donate or sell what you don’t need, and keep what you love the most. Plus, if your new Regal home will be your vacation home, you can fill it with only the things that you use and make you happy, from your outdoor equipment to prized possessions. 

Start with an easy area. Begin with an area that doesn’t have a ton of sentimental value, such as your linen closet. Now that you know you’re moving into a home with fewer bedrooms, you can get rid of sheets and comforters that you won’t need. (The same goes for blankets and towels.) This will help you get inspired to try out new bedding and color palettes in your Regal home!

Two kitchen cabinets at a time. It’s a good idea to start off by tackling two cabinets at a time. This way, you won’t feel overwhelmed, and you’ll have a good base to go off of. Look through pots, pans, mixing bowls, etc. and think about whether you need to bring these items to your new home or not. Like your bedding, you may be looking forward to new cookware and goods that fit your current style. 

Go through closets and dressers. If you notice that you haven’t worn something in a few years, you probably won’t wear it again. For instance, you might not need all of those work clothes, whether it’s high heels or ties, so make sure to keep a few for special occasions and put the rest in a bag. Once you’re done, donate the clothes to local donation sites or sell them to consignment shops. 

Organize your books. If you’re like us, you love nothing more than cozying up with a good book. But you also know that books can pile up fast… and you don’t necessarily want to bring all of them with you. Go through your cabinets and shelves and place the books you don’t want in a sturdy grocery bag or a cardboard box, which make transporting them to a thrift store much easier. 

Tips For Unpacking

After you’ve found the Regal home and community of your dreams, you’re all set to enjoy the comfort, outdoor excursions, and relaxation ahead. Although unpacking and settling into your new home may seem overwhelming, we have a few tips and tricks for making the transition as smooth as possible.

Bathroom and kitchen first. Once you have your bathroom set up for your nightly routine, you’ll know you have something relaxing waiting for you once you’re finished with your first day of moving in. Next, start bringing the heart of your home to life and unpack your pots, pans, and other kitchen essentials.

Create a temporary retreat. We all know that parts of move-in day can be tiring. Something fun to do is use one of your flex spaces, like your basement or a guest room, as a temporary “retreat” with blankets, pillows, and a lamp, so you have a cozy space to rest and enjoy the comfort of your home in between unpacking.

Get the wi-fi up and running. It’s easy to forget to check off a few details from your pre-move-in list. If you still have to set up your wi-fi, make sure to call your provider once you’ve set all your boxes down and are able to take a quick break. Your process will feel less stressful once you have this detail out of the way! 

Sort your dressers and closets. It may seem like organizing your clothes in the beginning will slow you down, but once you have your things put away, you’ll free up so much physical (and mental) space to focus on everything else, from furniture placement to decor and everything in between.

Meet your neighbors. Your first day doesn’t have to be all about unpacking! Take a walk outside to get some fresh air and say hello to your neighbors. One of the best things about your Regal Homes community is how much everyone cares about each other — your neighbors will be so happy to meet another friendly face and welcome you home.

If you’re ready for a new home that fits your wants and needs, keeps you comfortable, and opens a new world of possibilities without any barriers, all of us at Regal Homes can’t wait to meet you! For more information about our homes and communities throughout Utah, please contact us at 385-297-8216.

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