Building Your Masterpiece: The Regal Homes Design Process

At Regal Homes, we believe the place you live should reflect who you are. When you buy a new home, you’re getting so much more than just expert craftsmanship, energy efficiency, and new features (though that’s plenty!). You’re also investing time, resources, and energy in a space that should provide the most comfort, joy, and peace of mind of anywhere in the world. 

That’s why Regal Homes offers your home as a canvas, so that you can build your masterpiece and embrace the art of luxury living. Once you’ve signed your sales agreement, the artistry begins! It’s time to start planning and personalizing your new Regal home. One of our talented designers will work closely with you to make sure that your personal style is reflected in your new home. Here’s how the Regal Homes design process works:

STEP 1: Within 7 days of signing your agreement, you will make your initial visit to the Design Center to browse for home personalization ideas. Take your time and look around. This is your opportunity to familiarize yourself with the selections and get an idea of what you’d like in your new home. Think of this step as gathering inspiration for your masterpiece. 

STEP 2: Within 8-13 days of signing your agreement, we encourage you to come back to the Design Center, and start making your selections. We will provide you with a checklist that will guide you in making selections prior to your first design meeting. This self-guided process is designed to allow you to review and make selections at your own pace. There will be a designer on hand to answer any questions that you may have. Here, you’re starting to sketch out your ideas on the canvas. 

STEP 3: Within 14 days of signing your agreement, you will have your first Home Personalization Meeting with your Regal Homes Designer at our design studio. Together, you’ll review all of the choices you’ll be making, with a particular focus on selecting colors, countertops, floor coverings and cabinets, as well as go through any questions you might have. The ideas in your head are coming alive!

STEP 4: Within 28 days of signing your agreement, you will have your second Home Personalization Meeting with your Regal Homes Designer,  at which time you will decide on the remaining selections for your new home. You’ve outlined your masterpiece and selected all the colors and effects you’ll use — only one more step left!

STEP 5: Within 35 days of signing your agreement, you will have your final Home Personalization Meeting with your Regal Homes Designer. Depending on availability, this may happen over the telephone, via a Go-To-Meeting, on FaceTime, or in person. At this time, you will review your final selections. Either at this meeting or within 5 days, you will sign off on the finishes you’ve chosen and pay your Initial Construction Deposit. You’ve given your design direction; now the artists get to work!

Now it is officially time for us to start building your final masterpiece! We’ll work together to make your ideas come to life, creating a home that looks and feels even better than you imagined. 

To learn more about Regal Homes’ Design Process, and all the ways you can personalize your new home in Cottonwood Heights or Heber City, UT, give us a call at 385-297-8216. We can’t wait for you to Experience Royal Treatment!

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